Exhibitions document national sovereignty over sea and islands

Regiment 19 of Division 968 of Military Zone (MZ) 4 and the zone's museum held an exhibition called "Sea and islands - the fatherland's sacred sovereignty" from April 14th to 17th. All the unit's commanders and troops, plus local people, visited the exhibition of over 300 photos, documents and objects collected by researchers and scholars at home and abroad. The exhibits documented the country's sovereignty over sea and islands, as well as the forefathers' great sacrifices to safeguard national sovereignty.

The purpose of the event was raising awareness and responsibility among troops and local people to build and protect national sovereignty over seas and islands, as well as to enhance their determination to fulfill all assigned missions.

Division 9 of Army Corps 4 also organized a similar event previously: "Historical evidence of Vietnam's sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Archipelagoes”. The exhibits included maps and documents dating back a few centuries and issued by Vietnamese feudal states, the French Government in Indochina, various Western nations, and others./.

Source: PANO
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